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broad shoulders and resolute face of him who held it, and laughed
LETTERS, 1843-1856.
Celestina wanted nothing to do with it, was offended by the very sight of it, and she couldn't understand why Phimie would so insistently call it an angel.
as if he remembered to have seen him lately, but could not call to mind
Because only the earliest risers had begun to stir, the bellman took the time to inform him there was a pay phone at the Mobil station.
Out of a sphinx face, Obadiah conjured a smile that lifted the point of his white goatee when he turned his head to look at Edom. “Ah ... so long ago,” he murmured, as though speaking to himself. “So long ago ... but I remember now.” He winked at Edom.
"Hark ye, ye crack-rope padder, born beggar, and bred thief!" replied the
"Worship me? When?"
letter, in short, which she would not but have had for the world, and
One evening, shortly before twilight, he came his accustomed road upon
“She didn't have any."
"But on behalf--I think you said--of--"
'Go your ways,' said Pinch, apostrophizing the coach; 'I can hardly
"Love," exclaimed the Viscount again, and frowning this time;
able to understand how they should have had such temptation as to seduce
my pal Corporal Dick?"
hospitable entreaty. Indeed it must be conceded to the whole brood
this visit, at Mr. Wedgwood's house at Maer, that he made his first
his finger and thumb, but always in some uncouth and awkward
to the company in reporting of the reserves. Later the particular misuse of the existing rules
Fauvel said, "Ignore him."
rich pattern at the wrists and throat, and scrupulously white. Although
seemed my probable destination. I asked for some time to consider, as from
insignificant enough in themselves--being a scrap of crumpled paper,
For a moment P.J. seemed stunned, but then he said, "What an odd thing to say, little brother."
shook his head.
house as half your own every winter, and we will add to the stables on
Rushworth should resent any former supposed slight to Miss Bertram.
It was Sunday, overcast and hot. People saw Hank walking toward where Albert “Pits” Barfield sat tipped back in his chair, workboots curled around the front rungs, checking out all those Girls Next Door; they felt-heard the one thought beating steadily
wish was to take "some well-educated and scientific person" as his private
Where does it all end, Dick? Newt had asked uneasily. The mirror in Dick's hallway drew him like a magnet and he stared at himself, seeing his tongue behind and through his pallid lips, seeing a tangled undergrowth of small, pulsing capillaries in his forehead. He pressed the tips of his fingers against the shelf of bone over his eyebrows, hard, and saw faint finger indentations when he took them away again—they were like fingermarks in hard wax, right down to the discernible loops and sworls of his fingerprints sunk into the livid skin. Looking at that had made him feel sick.
THOUGH OTHERS MIGHT see magic in the world, Edom was enthralled only by mechanism: the great destructive machine of nature grinding everything to dust. Yet wonder suddenly bloomed in him at the sight of the ace bearing his nephew's name.
Devenham's 'Moonraker' is well up. Then there's Captain Slingsby's
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